Strudel is a part of Austrian cuisine, although it also has commonalities with the cuisines of many countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Strudel became popular in the 18th century.
Strudel is made with different doughs, in today’s version we will make it with puff pastry, which goes very well. The main thing for this dessert is the filling, a very tasty and aromatic version of which I will teach you today.
If you are not fasting, brush the strudel with a beaten egg yolk before baking.

Apple strudel with puff pastry

Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 6


  • 200 g puff pastry
  • 3 apples
  • 100 g sugar
  • 60 g vegan butter
  • 50 g walnuts
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 50 g raisins


  • To prepare the strudel filling, peel the apples and cut them into 1-2 cm thick cubes.
  • Mix well with sugar, raisins, walnuts crushed by hand, apples, and cinnamon in a pan. Put on medium heat. Stir occasionally, add butter in 2-3 minutes, and stir again.
  • When the apple pieces have reduced in size and the liquid has thickened enough, transfer the prepared mass to a strainer so that it can be drained of excess liquid and cooled.
  • Roll the puff pastry on a floured board to 3-4 mm thickness, and spread the cooled filling in the middle of the dough, as shown in the photo.
  • Cover first one side of the dough and fold the sides, then the other side and trim the excess dough left on the sides. Seal the edges well.
  • Transfer it to the baking paper, turn the side where you covered the sides down.
  • Put it in the oven heated to 180°C and bake for 15 minutes.
    Bon Appetit!
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Austrian
Keyword: apple, dessert, strudel

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