About Blog

It all started 11 years ago, on February 1, 2013, when I created a cooking blog on the Blogspot platform at the age of 15. The idea of creating a blog came to me after watching the movie Julie and Julia. The main goal since the beginning has been the same—to share with the community the reliable recipes that I have tested so that even a complete novice in the kitchen can understand and repeat them, get delicious results, and enjoy.

During these 11 years, my approach to blogging, not only mine but also globally, has changed. I have also slowly moved from text recipes to video format. The age of YouTube videos has easily been replaced by the aesthetic content of Instagram, which is my favorite. I enjoy shooting/editing and watching the end result equally.

I forgot about the site for the last three years, but everything started from here. I realized that its existence is very important because it is much easier to find the desired recipe. Well, I’m going back to what I started with, and I’m happy with this decision.

Those of you who have known my page for a long time will know that I have chosen medicine as a profession, and the finish line is approaching; in 1.5 years of residency, I will become an endocrinologist, which, of course, I want to reflect on the site and share more interesting information in this regard.

Finally, a few words about travel, which I love so much. In the “Blog” section, you will also find reviews and recommendations about my travels.

Thank you for being with me ♡