Truffles are a French dessert. There are different variations of its preparation. It must contain chocolate or cocoa powder. The prepared truffles are dipped in the desired mass: cocoa, finely chopped nuts, coconut flakes, etc.. They are often dipped in melted chocolate. It is quite easy to prepare at home, it does not require much culinary talent.



  • 400 g vegan butter
  • 160 g sugar
  • 500 g quick oats
  • 25 g cocoa
  • 100 g coconut flakes


  • Cream the butter and sugar well with your hands, slowly add the oat flakes, and mix. You should get a mass that is easy to round. It should stick to the hand. Then add cocoa and mix. Put it in the refrigerator, near the freezer, not in the freezer. Leave for 1 hour.
  • Then take it out and make balls of the desired size. Roll in coconut flakes, cocoa or colored confectioners' sugars. Then put it back in the fridge for at least half an hour.
    Bon Appetit!
Course: Dessert, no-bake, vegan
Keyword: dessert, nobake, truffles, vegantruffles

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