Travel is the greatest happiness, a source of unforgettable emotions and memories ❤️
It is possible to travel on a budget. The main thing is to plan well in advance ❤️
When choosing an airline, the most important things for me are safety and price, and in the case of accommodation – cleanliness and good location. — This site lists the flights, buses, and train prices. It is handy for comparison, and when buying, check the price on the official website; it may be even lower.

Three components determine the travel budget:

  • ✈️ Transportation
  • ? Accommodation
  • ? Daily expenses

The first two components are greatly influenced by the travel period, so choosing the right time for budget travel is paramount.

When is the “right” time?

In the most touristic period – no!

When selecting the desired destination, look for information on the most touristic period and try to plan your trip at the beginning or end of the season.
You will avoid such high prices and streets full of tourists, easily find a free table in popular restaurants, and enjoy a chaise longue on the beach.


Buying Wizz Air tickets in advance (2-4 months) is often very cheap, so I recommend you look for tickets for the desired destination long in advance.
If transfers are not inconvenient for you, you can consider combining flight and train, bus, or even a second flight.

If you find a flight ticket at a reasonable price, but the return is much more expensive, do not refuse it. Consider returning from another country and periodically check the currently expensive ticket; the price may be halved in a few weeks. If not, you can also visit another city or country ☺️


It is also necessary to make a reservation in advance for the hotel or apartment.

I always search on 3-4 months in advance with the following filters:

  • Grade 8+
  • 1 km from the center
  • Hotel, apartment
  • free cancellation
  • Then, I sort the price in increments and book a good option immediately (if I have already decided on the approximate date), even if I haven’t bought a flight ticket yet.

Daily expenses

It already depends on your desire, although in most European countries, the demand is 50 euros per day. Of course, you can spend less or more. However, if you are asked for money when entering the country, it is important that you have at least the minimum requirement for the day.
So find this out in advance.


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